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,I don't have a lot of LV bags and only have a couple of Coach bags (clutches for nights out mostly). Last year I bought a gorgeous calfskin black Furla bag which I have probably carried all of 3 times. I am kicking myself for spending 200$ bucks on it (store closing sale) rather than putting it towards my azur speedy.I don't think it's snobbery, just good taste, you know what you like! Buy and carry what you like and what makes you happy! louis vuitton luggage,

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the mono bags are the bags i reach for when it's bad weather out! LV


I think I just fainted That is a gorgeous, awesome bag Im excited for you!! Congratulations!! lv bags


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,Awesome collection and beautiful purchases! I have the black epi alma and I carried it today! louis vuitton outlet,These questions are to be posted in the Authenticate This LV thread in the Shopping section, thanks! ????.